Kalevanmaa marketing video

The 360-roller designed for the Kalevalanmaa marketing video concept was first produced in production. 
The mystical atmosphere is conveyed according to the technical description concept designed by Markus Tamminen from Inuits. Filmings were arranged in Nuuksio during late summer.

Technical superiority was sought from Sasu Rissanen from Goljat and trusted engineer Pasi Nurminen.

Music was taken care of by Tuomas Kantelinen.

Kalevalanmaa's video also rotated on the digital surfaces of the Helsinki bus and tram stops.

Art direction: Anu Lehto
Technical concept and filming: Markus Tamminen - Inuits
Filming assistant: Arthur Kavander -Inuits
Technical implementation: Pasi Nurmi and Sasu Rissanen - Goljat
Producer: Asta Lindholm - Opera Ballet